Modern vacuum cleaners are equipped with a lot of innovative features to increase their performance and ease of use. Lot of improvisations have been made in vacuum cleaners over the years which have given rise to many unique features appreciated by users. Some of the amazing features found in vacuum cleaners are as follows.

Retractable cord

Retractable cord means that the user can automatically retract the cord inside the vacuum cleaner. This feature eliminates the need to roll up the cord while moving the vacuum cleaner, disentangling the cord when it is stuck or putting it through small spaces. Retractable cord feature is commonly present in canister and small upright vacuum cleaners. Full sized upright vacuum cleaners usually don’t have retractable cords. The retractable cord length can be lesser as compared to the cord in a conventional vacuum cleaner.

Various kinds of tools

Crevice tool is designed to access small areas for cleaning. Such areas include the interior of a upholstery, corners under furniture and edges. Crevice tool tapers down to form a very thin end portion which can easily get inside small areas.

Upholstery tool is designed to clean mattresses, sofas, curtains and drapes. The upholstery tool has a textured surface instead of bristles. The textured surface allows smooth flow of air during cleaning process.

Dusting brush forces even stubborn dust particles into the vacuum cleaner. It has angled bristles to do this job. Dusting brush is suitable for upholstery and hard surfaces.

HEPA filtration

Many models of vacuum cleaners use HEPA filtration system. HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air. HEPA filtration system in a vacuum cleaner is capable of trapping micron sized particles. Top grade HEPA filtration system will trap 99.97% of particulate matter sized 0.3 microns or longer. HEPA filtration system removes allergens from the air which cause respiratory problems such as asthma. Other advanced filtration systems present in vacuum cleaners include electrostatic precipitation and UV light technology.

Robotic features

Robot vacuum cleaners operate automatically and you are not even required to be in the house to operate it. Such vacuum cleaners are computerised which enable them to avoid obstacles in a room while cleaning. Thus, there is no chance for a robotic vacuum cleaner to run into walls, chair legs, pets, etc. It can also clean the space under any furniture piece by rolling underneath it. Timer operated models recharge themselves automatically.

Power settings

Power setting buttons enable the user to customise the suction power easily. The suction power is selected according to the type of surface to be cleaned. The suction power can be lowered for cleaning delicate surfaces such as rugs while the power can be increased to clean surfaces with stubborn dirt particles.

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