For gaming or social media apps are not anymore, as a lot of business apps have stormed the market which help you to be organized, productive and be connected. The list of business apps in the market is growing and if you do not fall in line to them you end up losing some valuable advice. There are powerful ads on, SOS service and even one of applications that is fairly use to use. Whatever be the type or size of your business, the apps need a serious analysis. Let us now flip through these apps.

Quick Books

If you are in the market for a long time and are exploring the option of a friendly, customizable business friendly app then this has to be the one. Though the entry to this app is free, but still if you are looking for full features you have to shell out $10. By the help of this app you can prepare invoices, obtain customer information, track expenses and even send out email alerts. Basically this is a form of small account software.


An app designed keeping in mind interests of the small business owners, and if you have no experience with payroll software the user interface is simple. The plans start at $39 and the price of the mobile app is part of the app.

T sheets

No prices for guessing it right as with the use of this app you can get rid of manual sheet entry and time sheets. If the business has a lot of workers then you have access to GPS solutions where to confirm identity you rely on facial recognition. The use of this app also makes it easy to foster employee schedules or other Intuit products that you go on to use. For the entry level subscription the charges are $25 and when an additional user is included you have to be paying for the app.


Be it a tiny business, all due to the credit of Square, they can accept credit cards. Once you are going to download, this app you can go on to receive a free credit card dongle or an email on to your box. The moment a dongle arrives you can plug on to your Android device directly as you are going to have a portable POS service at your peril. Though there are a lot of apps in the market this has evolved a lot of positive ratings.


Though there are a lot of communication apps in the market, this one tops the list on all counts.  For video conferencing and chatting in general you can go on to use this app. Even non Skype callers can be called via this platform.

Finally, to download these apps, you can rely on the third party services in the form of 9apps download. They ensure that the process of downloading takes place with minimum hassles and a fast turnaround time. For this reason, it is one of the popular apps in the market.

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