Procrastination and Mental Health

Struggling with procrastination?

I scoured the internet looking for articles on procrastination and why we do it and these were some of the top reasons that I found:


Fear of Failure


Small Tasks are Easier(tend to do these instead of a bigger task)

Lack of Motivation

Don’t know how to get started

Low Energy Level

I think in the last 3 weeks I’ve struggled with every single one of these! 

I was doing okay until a series of stressful events left me mentally and physically  stymied, I felt unable to move and go forward with life. Fatigue and pain…Yes! physical aches and pains, took over my body.

It was frustrating and hard to understand. How could this happen. I’m not that old!

I spent my days reading, and resting. I worked on writing my novel at least every day, even if it was only a few paragraphs that got written.

My husband took over making meals and grocery shopping. My son helped with vacuuming.

I was able to do small tasks, like laundry and tidying up.

I read my emails and the blogs I follow. I even tried to comment on them all but at times it was just too much. I would find myself unable to focus and overwhelmed with fatigue.

Blogging? That just didn’t happen.

Lack of energy and focus, perfectionism (because it has to be interesting and worthwhile reading!), blogging a post just seemed to be too colossal a task.


Despite all my best intentions, could not bring myself to write a single post. 

My Daily Walks, where I post photos that I take on my walk have been put on hold, I didn’t have the motivation, the energy to do it. And, I thought, nobody is really interested in it anyway. That’s depression talking. I know this. I really do.

I enjoy doing the Friday Posts where I share an excerpt from a book. But I couldn’t seem to decide which book to do. Indecision. For three weeks in a row.  The days snuck up on me, too! By the time I realized what day it was, it was, I felt, too late to even bother. I’ll just do it next week, I’d think. Friday Post fail.

Tips for when procrastination takes over:

  • Make a list of what needs to be done. It is very satisfying scratching things off when you complete them
  • Break the task into smaller chunks. Set small goals and do little bits at a time. You might even want to keep going and do more!
  • Understand that failure is okay. Most mistakes can be fixed and it’s better to try than not do it at all.
  • Just do your best. Nothing is ever perfect.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy, unprocessed foods, get enough sleep and at least 30 minutes of light exercise daily.
  • Set goals that are attainable.
  • Forgive yourself.

Here are some great articles that I found that might help if you are dealing with procrastination of suffering from depression and anxiety:

Six Tips for Overcoming Anxiety Related Procrastination

Four Main Causes of Procrastination Revealed

The Six Best Ways to Beat Anxiety

Four Things Not to do When Feeling Anxious

11 Ways to Overcome Procrastination





I am so far behind on my awards and tags…can you believe that 6…yes, 6 awesome bloggers nominated Inspiration Pie for the Unique Blogger Award!  Holy Cow!

I’m going to do the best I can, but it’s kind of a long one, so be patient with me, okay?


So, huge thank you to Jennanicolee at Bookmark Your Thoughts! Jenna has  wonderful posts, from book reviews and bookish posts to her 52 Weeks of Gratitude.

Noriko at Diary of a Bookfiend has kindly adopted me as her aunt.  She is a sweet soul, always friendly and easy to chat with. She has awesome book reviews and she’s an all around great person.

Jay at This Is My Truth Now  is one of my very first blogging friends. He is an author (soon to be published!) with an amazing blog filled with tons and tons of reviews as well as his 365 Day Challenge.

Didi Oviatt  is another amazing author to check out, she has a wonderful blog filled with writing advice, inspiration, poetry, reviews and her own books!

SunSunny has wonderful, dog-loving inspirational posts that just make you feel good inside.

Stephanie of Stephanie’s Novel Fiction is a beautiful person who like a long distance sister to me.  She has an amazing blog with excellent reviews and bookish posts.

The Rules

  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  • Ask them three questions.

Questions from Jennanicolee at Bookmark Your Thoughts:

  1. What is your favourite Disney film and character (they don’t have to be from the same thing)? Why? I’m going to go with Maleficent here, for film and character.  She was just a great, strong character who was treated so unfairly, so cruelly that it was heartbreaking. Yes, she put a curse on Aurora, but in the end she did the right thing for everyone, including herself.
  2. How do you handle with your TBR list when it gets out of control? I just keep reading, one book at a time.
  3. What is your favourite type of post to blog about? I love doing my Friday post!  Linking up with Book Beginnings(Rose City Reader) and Friday 56 (Freda’s Voice).  You share the book beginning and an excerpt from page 56, it gives a great taste of what the book is like without actually giving too much away. It’s a quick and fun post, and I love reading what everyone else on the linky shares as well.

Questions from Noriko at Diary of a Bookfiend:

  • Out of five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch), what is the most important to you and why? Sight, I think.  I love colour, and art and reading and I think it would be awful if I couldn’t do that anymore!
  • If you could recreate one food from your favorite books/films/TV shows etc., what would it be and why? Uma Thurman’s $5 milkshake.  I hear it’s a pretty freaking good milkshake!
  • What was your favorite and least favorite subject in school and why?
  • My favourite subjects were biology and chemistry, my worst, was English!

 QUESTIONS  from Jay at This Is My Truth Now:

  1. What talent do you have that people would be surprised to know? I think most people know that I write and paint. Other than that, I’m not really sure!
  2. What do you want to change about your blog? Oh, it needs to be more organized, and I need to get my art up there, too!  Hopefully that will happen this weekend, right Noriko?
  3. Where else would you want to live if somewhere other than your current country? I’d love to live in England.  Or France.  Either/or!

 QUESTIONS from Didi Oviatt:

  1. Are you an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert? I’m a fullout introvert, no question!
  2. What is your favorite weekend activity? Having breakfast in my pajamas!
  3. Could you survive without the internet? Oh yes, at least for an hour or two!

Questions from Sun Sunny:


  1. What is the last thing you ate? A cheeseburger from Wendy’s with no bun and a side salad.
  2. Who was your first crush? Shaun Cassidy!  Da Doo Ron Ron
  3. What kind of music do you like to dance to? (Remember, everyone likes to dance! Even if it is just swaying or nodding to the music!) Abba!

Here are Stephanie’s questions:

  1. What’s the funniest book you’ve ever read or movie/tv show you’ve ever watched? Or both? I’ve always thought Seinfeld was hilarious, I love their sense of humour! The Office is a close second.
  2. What is something that you’ve always dreamed of doing but never have? Become a best selling author.
  3. What author, living or dead, would you like to spend an entire day with? Why?Whenever this question comes up, I’ve always said JK Rowling. But, just for a change, I’m going to say Harlen Coben. I love his mysteries! And he seems to be a pretty easy going kind of guy.




Okay, now I have to come up with three questions for my nominees!

  1. What is one thing you would like to change about your blog?
  2. What is your dream job? Are you doing it now?
  3. Are you an introvert, extrovert or ambivert?

I’m nominating some of my newest followers, I apologize in advance if you’ve received this award already! There is no obligation to participate, just know that I was thinking of you and wanted to share some blogging love!

Just Brittany Moments

Dancing Alone

Books Bejewelled

Momentum of Jo



Supportive Bloggers, 2nd Poem

Love this girl! <3  Check out her poem for her supportive bloggers!

Didi Oviatt

I’ve created a beast now it’s time to keep feeding it,

As the first bloggers poem I wrote is still getting hits.

With a hundred fifty views and counting my gratitude grows,

If you could see my face for real, I’m confident it shows.

I’ll start with Jo-Ann and her love of creativity,

She’s positive, uplifting, and so great to me!

Our shared love of books makes me sniffle and sigh,

If you look for well rounded you’ll find it at Inspiration Pie.

Stephanie has the most impeccable liking,

If there is a great YA book out there, she’ll hunt it down like a Viking.

The adventure in this blog is jam packed, a precious vault,

To find a young readers quality, stick with Teacher Of YA.

I can’t go on any farther without throwing Danny in,

If you’re one of his thousands of followers then you’re in for the win.

His posts are inspirational and so very supportive,

If you want a touch of the heart then go now to Dream Big.

I have one more today and Susan is her name,

Or you can call her the twitter dominator, its all the same.

To find the best book reviews, you can never go wrong,

By checking first at Books From Dusk Till Dawn.

The scratching of surface has still only just begun,

Hang tight for poem three, more praises will be sung.

The Suspenseful Collection

Congratulations to Didi Oviatt and Kim Knight on the release of their compilation book of short stories!  

Click to be taken to
The Suspenseful Collection by Kim Knight and Didi Oviatt

These two very talented and lovely suspense authors have the most interesting way of putting their stories together.  One author starts the tale, the other finishes it.  How cool is that?  They live on opposite sides of the Atlantic, which makes it even more fun.


I’ve been intrigued by these stories since before they released it.  Confession: I did try to preorder but my Amazon account was all wonky that day and because well, life’s distractions, I just never got back to it.

I did enter their Rafflecopter contest however, and guess what!  I won a copy and I’m so excited to read this!  I’m mean…look at that cover.  It’s gorgeous!

Thank you so very much, Didi and Kim for the opportunity to win this and read your book!

I will be posting my review soon but I do hope everyone will go ahead and check this book out for yourself.  It’s already gotten some great feedback!

Here is the blurb from Amazon with a little summary of each of the short stories:

For Mature Readers Only:

A suspenseful novel with a twist. Eight short stories, by two suspense authors, from diverse backgrounds. From opposite sides of the Atlantic these stories have been created. One author started the tale and the other ended it. No discussion, no pre-planning, but yet their stories are seamless. With just creativity and the use of writing prompts, to craft one tale, with two different writers. This anthology of suspenseful, fast paced and engaging tales covers multiple genres. From heart felt romance, crime, fantasy, and steamy historical fiction. There is a story for everyone!

Steamy Historical Crime Fiction: It was The First Time I Killed A Man.

It’s 1972 and New York’s first female serial killer Lisa Vanacilli is in the hot seat again, ten years after her conviction of murder to the first degree and innocent plea. The ruthless but sexy reporter Tiffany Low cracks Lisa for a confession… at a price. Lisa is strong, courageous and says it how it is. This story has been extended due to reader’s demand. And is only for adult readers.

Psychological Fiction: Every Time I Hear That Voice From The Basement.

George appears to be harmless. The local neighbourhood geek on the outside, married to Jolene. In reality, he’s a very disturbed man. His path crosses with Dana, the local check out girl. This is a psychological suspense story with a twist.

Crime Fiction: The Entrance To The Tunnel Is His Only Way Out.

Juan is a wanted man, and an ex-gang member on the run from Atlanta to Mexico. With a hundred grand in cash stolen from his ex-boss, he meets an unlikely fate in Mexico. A fast-paced crime fiction story.

Contemporary Romance: When His Hands Run Up My Thighs I…

Love has no time limit, age limit or use by date. Sarah now in her fifties is reunited with her long-lost love Joshua. They last had contact in 1961. In the present day, thanks to the advancement of technology their paths cross. A heart-warming and modern tale, about long distance love, that will leave you warm inside.

Suspense: We Only Said Goodbye With Words, I Died A Hundred Times:

In 1963 Russian Femme Fatale Mila Petrov is London’s top Madam. Her entertainment house is booming, she has a team of London’s strongest women behind her. Unfinished business from her past creeps up and haunts her. It’s nothing she can’t handle. A suspenseful historical tale, with a strong femme fatale.

Fantasy: The Ones Who Live At The Bottom Of The Ocean, Come To The Surface.

A beautiful coming of age story, featuring sixteen year old Zoe and her mother May-Li. Myth becomes reality, as Zoe finds out who and what she really is. Her mixed descent reveals more than what meets the eye. This fantasy story is set against the backdrop of a Greek island and Hong Kong, China.

Suspenseful Crime Fiction: Guilty As Charged, In Self-Defence

California’s sassy, tough, and likeable defence lawyer Catherine has taken on a case so high profile, if she wins she’ll become a partner of Martin Law Firm. Defending forty six year old Mrs. Chevelle. An ex Las Vegas show girl, now a Hollywood wife, on trial for the murder of her high-profile husband. She claims she’s innocent. Readers are taken on a fast -paced journey on a mission to seek the truth.

Contemporary Fiction: It’s A Man’s Man’s World:

A beautiful modern tale showing the love and appreciation of a woman. James Brown said it right when he said, “it’s a man’s man’s world, but it would mean nothing without a woman or a girl.”The Suspenseful Collection by Didi Oviatt and Kim Knight

9 Daily Habits You Should Get Rid of to Become a Better Writer

Nine Bad Writing Habits

9 Daily Habits You Should Get Rid of to Become a Better Writer

By Veronica Hunt 

How do you know what’s good or bad for you unless it leads to losses or depression hereafter? I call it the self-reflection time when a writer needs to analyze what has been done right or wrong for developing his masterpiece. Today we’ll uncover 9 habits that can actually ruin your career of a writer, blogger, reporter, etc.

There’s no exact timeframe to eliminate bad habits and clear your mind for inspiration. It can vary from 72 hours to more than 21 days because some long-lasting habits are ingrained at our neural level. They can even determine our behavior or outlook.

Which is why self-publishing writers whose success depends on their productivity should get rid of those daily habits which hold them back. Here are 9 of them with explanations and my own writing experience insights.

1. Not sticking to the writing plan

Never rely on the whimsical character of your inspiration. This lady is too weak to bring a masterpiece to the surface. I have the same bad habit – can’t stick to the plan even after I’ve elaborated the perfect one. Of course, it makes me mad because I realize that having this non-systematic approach stops me from publishing an aspired novel. The thing about plans is that you should always follow it without yielding to excuses. Here are three ways you can make yourself stick to your writing plan.

  • Make monthly, weekly and daily goals to control the process.
  • Write for 3-4 hours each day with one break in the middle.
  • Do not review a single sentence until you finish even if you know there are some mistakes.

2. Giving in to procrastination and self-criticism

Forming a steady writing habit predetermines the highest result. Therefore any self-publishing writer should mind deadlines and develop a sense of confidence to what has already been crafted. Procrastination and postponing your writing goals to fulfill other minor errands is the biggest mistake. We have thousands of these small errands each day from cleaning the kitchen to folding clothes, and they will always take that golden time you should devote to writing your novel. Another bad habit is to return to what you’ve written and carp at some parts of your book. Imagine that you have a creative child in you – an internal artist you can offend with criticism. You should protect yourself from its cruelty says Julia Cameron’s in her bestseller The Artist’s Way. Once this book became my manual which helped me form positive habits of write better.

3. Thinking over some paragraphs or dialogues when you are not writing

This particular habit can actually prevent you from becoming another Joanne K. Rowling because writing a book in your mind is the same as eating with your eyes solely. Sure, it’s pleasant but not useful for your empty stomach. What’s most important, you just waste your time because thought-out dialogues will never look the same when they are actually penned. Besides, it will be much harder to get down to writing a paragraph you have already finished in your mind.

4. Writing without enough sleep

When your mind is already dried out, you shouldn’t expect anything special to come out. First of all, sleep deprivation can result in chronic fatigue and even severe depression. When writing a book you should include four priorities in your everyday routine:

  • From 7 to 9 hours of sleep each day.
  • From 3 to 5 hours for writing a novel with 30-minute breaks every 2 hours.
  • From 2 to 3 hours to promote your writing on your own blog.
  • From 1 to 2 hours for physical exercises.

5. Giving someone to read your unfinished book

Never ever do that even if the person is the closest to you and can be fully trusted. Believe me; it can ruin your intention to continue writing even if you get the positive feedback. I do remember how my sister was hiding her uncompleted pictures from my eyes so that it didn’t influence the whole creation process. She used to say:

“I don’t want to show it until it becomes something strong!”

6. Limiting yourself with one place for writing

I do recommend you to change places as often as it’s possible. Limiting yourself with one place can serve as a bad habit because you’ll depend on particular conditions. I suppose a writer should free his mind from accommodation issues to devote it to the fictional space of his characters. And I do think a successful writer should be flexible enough or even tempered facing such obstacles as noise or crammed rooms.

7. Dividing your time to 2 or more storylines at once

Even if you have several ideas for different novels, I do recommend you to write a few sentences about those newly born stories, put them in different folders without any exact titles and forbid yourself to think about their characters’ names until a previous novel is finished. Dividing your attention between several storylines can confuse you and make the process of writing a single book by the very end almost eternal.

8. Isolating yourself from family and friends

It’s a myth that to write a good book you need to dive into it and ignore the dearest people who can support you. There are a lot of writers who succeeded being good writers and parents at the same time. For instance, Julia Cameron managed to make an awesome writing career and grow her daughter at the same time. Besides, becoming estranged from your family and friends can lead to serious mental problems. You might suffer from loneliness, depression and even panic attacks.

9. Having bad nutrition and drinking too much coffee or energy drinks

A healthy writer has nothing to be distracted from own writing goals. Taking care of your nutrition habits, you save time on treatment in the hospital and make sure you’ll have enough efforts to finish a novel. Also, one of the most harmful habits for writers is drinking too much coffee and energy drinks while working on their novels. And when it adds up to lack of sleep and unbalanced diet you get a cocktail of self-destruction. These things might help for a day or two, but then you’ll become a veg without any decent ideas to pen.

Veronica HuntVeronica Hunt is an edtech expert and an experienced content marketer from Philadelphia, PA. As a blogger, she sees her purpose in providing her readers with up-to-date info in the spheres of marketing, entrepreneurship and psychology. Currently, works for Eduplace as a content manager. Apart from work, she adores traveling and yoga. Follow @VeronicaHuntt or find her on Facebook.

Blogging and Thinking of Summer

It’s hard to believe another month has come and gone.  Here we are, in the middle of our summer! Imagine…

In the spring, when winter is finally beginning to give way to warmer weather, I find myself longing for the hot summer days of July.  The kids are out of school, there’s not really a schedule, everything is free and easy.

As July rounds into August, the wheel turns and reality steps in.  The days get shorter and cooler, and school is just around the corner.  Summer is coming to a fast close.

Here in Nova Scotia, there is a distinct shift in the weather come the end of August beginning of September.  Crisp, cool mornings, early sunsets, and the leaves begin changing.

I do love fall, but I can’t help but feel a bit sad to see lovely summer leave for another year.

I’ve been a bit slower at posting these days.  I’ve been spending more time with family, quietly reading and working on my novel.  I love creating blog posts and visiting other blogs, but I’ve found that I’ve had to step back and look at how much of my time this takes out of my day.

A single post, award or tag takes me over 3 hours.  Is this normal?  I feel like other bloggers can read a book in  a few hours and write up a review lickity split!  It’s hard to keep up with the Jones’s, ya know!

I have depression and anxiety.  If I have a few stress-free days, I can get along quite fine.  I seem relatively normal.  Outside of that, even a minor stressor can make my anxiety can go haywire and I’m “off” for days.  It’s difficult to concentrate and focus, my memory is embarrassingly awful.

So, I’ve been taking it easy on the blog.  I’ve been trying to be as stress free as possible.  I started a yoga program, and I’ve gotten myself back on schedule with waking early and getting out for a walk.

I hope to make progress on my novel.  It’s incredibly slow going, by the way.  I keep rewriting the same pages!

I also hope to start making progress on the wonderful awards and tags I’ve received!  Phew!  Lots of blogging love, and I will get to them, I promise!

Do you have days when it’s hard to do it all?  When you just can’t blog as much as you’d like?

Thanks for stopping by!  



Thanks to Stephanie at Steph’s Novel Fiction for tagging me in The ‘How I Choose My Books’ Tag! You really need to go check out her site if you haven’t.  Stephanie and I are great internet buddies, we’ve had some awesome chats. She is such a wonderfully warm and sweet person plus knows how to do a great book review.


BookstagFind a book on your shelves or ereader with a blue cover. What made you want to pick up this book? 

I picked up The Lady of Avalon because it was by Marion Zimmer Bradley.  I LOVED her book The Mists of Avalon, and read it several times.  That is the book that made me fall hopelessly in love with the King Arthur legend.  This particular book is a prequel to the original Mists of Avalon.

Think of a book you didn’t expect to enjoy, but did. Why did you read it in the first place? 

A family friend recommended this book to me.  He gave me a copy because he  had several, he loved it that much.  I really didn’t care for the setting, WWII Germany, especially since it was from the perspective of a child.  I thought it would be too disturbing, but it was an AMAZING read!

Stand in front of your bookshelf with your eyes closed and pick up a book at random. How did you discover this book? 

Relative Happiness is by one of our amazingly talented local authors, Lesley Crewe.  It’s her debut novel about life in a small town and was actually made into a movie!  This is a good one worth picking up.

Pick a book that someone personally recommended to you. What did you think of it?

I was wandering around the library one day, looking for a good murder mystery.  My friend and neighbour, a librarian herself, suggested Henning Mankell’s series.  He has a unique style of writing with very ‘normal’ protagonist.  I love that.  Characters who aren’t afraid to be imperfect and make mistakes.

Pick a book that you discovered through YouTube / book blogs. Did it live up to the hype? 

When I saw Jay’s review at This is My Truth Now, I knew I had to read this one and I was not disappointed!  I’m looking forward to reading the sequel now.


Find a book on your shelves or ereader with a one-word title. What drew you to this book?

I was on a kick reading Harlan Coben’s books and this was one of them.  I like Coben’s easy style and plot twisters.


What book did you discover through a film / TV adaptation?

A coworker recommended I watch Game of Thrones when I was raving about the Mists of Avalon one day.  It had a medievalish setting, fantasy, magic, so why not?  I loved the show and began reading the books.  Now just waiting for the newest release….

Think of your all-time favourite book/s. When did you read these and why did you pick them up in the first place?

These are the books that got me into reading, I mean really into reading.  And writing!  They sparked something in me that made me want to tell  my own story!

Harry Potter
The Mists of Avalon
The Outlander Series

I’m Tagging the Following:

Raising My Book

The Book Mermaid

Tea and Tales


Please don’t feel pressured to do this tag, but if you do, please let me know so I can read your answers!

Thank you so much Silas at Diary of a Weird Teenage Boy and for nominating me. He has a wonderful blog filled with his art and beautiful photos as well as his creative writing to prompts.  I highly recommend you check him out!


Here are the rules to the award:

  • Put the logo/image on your blog.
  • List the rules.
  • Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog.
  • Mention the creator of the award and link their blog.
  • Tell your reader 3 things about yourself.
  • You have to nominate 10-20 people.
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question.
  • Share a link to your best post(s)

The Mystery Blogger award has been created by Okoto Enigma of Okoto Enigma’s Blog.


This is an award for amazing bloggers with indigenous posts. Their blogs not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging and they do it with so much love and passion.

-Okoto Enigma.

Three things about me-

  • I’ve written three novels.  They are all in the first draft stage, though so it might be a while before you get to read them!
  • I am working at recovering from depression and anxiety.
  • I love swimming, either in the ocean or in my pool.

Questions from Silas

  • What is the weirdest thing you have seen in someone else’s home?

The weirdest thing in someone else’s home…now that’s a tough one!  It would probably be a pet.  I have one friend who once had a bearded dragon for a pet.  My aunt had a  pet rabbit that ran free in the house.  It ate the little rubber buttons on the TV remote control!

  • What is the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?

The best purchase would be our house.  Our worst purchase?  Our house!  It’s great having a 110 year old home.  I love it, it has tons of character but the renovations we’ve done over the years have certainly cost us a load of money!

  • What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured?

Hmmm…I think the time I dropped a chisel on my bare toe and needed 6 stitches to fix it up. That was dumb!

  • What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

The Trump saga in the US always has something interesting going on.

  • What is the one thing you have tried million times, still can’t do.

Computer programming.  My sons make it look so easy!

  • Bonus fun question -What’s a body part that you wouldn’t mind losing?

My appendix.

My top 5 posts-

This Mists of Avalon Book Beginnings and Friday 56

Sunday Post June 25

Sunday Post and Happy Fathers Day

Summer Vacay and Glad to be Back!

The Husband’s Secret



Nominations – 

Drizzle and Hurricane Books

Two Gals and a Book

My Window

Sherina Speaks

Read and Repeat

Untold Phrases

Blackwood’s Magazine

Being Lydia


Whimsy Pages


My Questions –

  • Have you taken summer vacation?
  • What is your favourite movie you’ve seen this year?
  • Do you have a goal you’d like to achieve by the end of this year?
  • What do you like to do in your spare time?
  • If you could choose ONLY 5 subjects to read on other blogs, what would they be? (Books, music, film, health, etc.)



Hope you guys enjoyed the post, thanks so much Suguna once again for this lovely nomination! 🙂

Have a nice day.



Real Neat!

Sonia at  Sonia G Medieros  shared the Real Neat Blog Award with me!  Thank you so much Sonia!  I appreciate you thinking of me!

If you haven’t checked out Sonia’s blog already, you should really check out her inspirational blog.  She is a wonderful writer and a musician, too!

I’ve been pretty slow at getting around to awards and tags, but I am slowly getting them done!  Yay!  Being on vacation last week didn’t help, and I do tend to be a bit of a procrastinator.

Okay, the rules for sharing the Real Neat Blog Award:

  • Display the award logo on your blog.
  • Thank the folks who nominated you and provide links to their blogs.
  • Answer the seven questions asked by your nominator(s).
  • Nominate any number of other bloggers to share the award and give them some linky love.
  • Notify the nominated folk.
  • Ask your nominees seven questions of your own.

Here are Sonia’s questions for me:

What is your favourite movie/tv/story genre and why?

My favourite genre…hmmm. I love a good thriller/suspense/mystery but I also love a good fantasy as well.  I’m thinking Harry Potter or Game of Thrones, even Outlander falls into that category.

If you had to be stuck on a deserted island, which tv/

movie/story character would you choose to be stuck with?

It would have to be with someone who is fairly intelligent, innovative, someone who knows how to provide shelter and food.  I might be showing my age but I’m thinking MacGyver.

He’s easy on the eyes, too so that helps!

In a zombie apocalypse, where would you head first?

I’d head for the harbour and take refuge on a boat, preferably a yacht!  That way, I could be far enough away from zombies, or I could sail around and find a safe island.

What have you always wanted to learn how to do but haven’t (yet)?

Well, I’ve always wanted to learn French, and I took lessons for a few years.  I got pretty decent at it, but I’d hardly call myself fluent!  I guess that’s a goal I’m aiming for.

Computer programming has always intrigued me, too.

What mythical creature would you want most for a pet?

A pegasus, of course!  Who doesn’t love horses?  And these horses can fly!  They can get you where you want to go.

What silly little thing always makes you smile?

My beautiful, goofy dog, Burger!

I’m not really sure what he’s doing in this picture, I think I got him mid-lick, but he’s just so darn cute!





If you could be anyone else for a week, who would it be?

My dog.  See above.

And, now for the nominations:

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Waking Up on the Wrong Side of 50


Reactionary Tales

Steph’s Novel Fiction

Momentum of Jo

Read Rant and Rock and Roll

Diary of a Bookfiend

And here’s my questions for you:

  1. What is your favourite genre?
  2. What is the last book you read that you gave 5 Stars and what did you love about it?
  3. Who is your favourite author?
  4. What keeps you from attaining your goals?
  5. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  6. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
  7. How do you start off your morning?





No pressure to accept and share the award, by the way. But, if you do, please leave a link in the comments so I can check out your post.

Summer Vacay and Glad to Be Back!

I’m back!  

At the beach!

I was on a camping vacation with the fam for the past week and it was awesome!  We went non-stop and had an amazing time.

How did it feel to sleep in my own bed last night?  Better than awesome!  There are no words!  It feels so good to be home!

We went to beautiful Prince Edward Island.  Natural beauty, beaches, theme parks.  Everything one could want in a vacation! 

My oldest son had to work so he couldn’t make it, but my 13 year old brought his best buddy along.

Lots of farmland on Prince Edward Island!

So, one of the things this campsite advertised was free wifi.  Good, I thought.  I can discretely keep up reading my favourite blogs and I can even post everyday!  Pictures, if nothing else!

Technically, there may have been wifi but did it work?  shakes head no

No wifi.  No reading my favourite blog posts.  No posting.  sigh

When you have lemons you make lemonade, isn’t that what they say?

I enjoyed the beaches.  I enjoyed the water park (I’m sure most of PEI heard me screaming going down the water slide), I relaxed by the campfire and I read books.  I also ate a ton of ice cream.  PEI is home to COW’S, the very best ice cream ever!

Aaand, I had another birthday.  Yep. I try to run away from my birthday every year but it always finds me!

The campground advertised a paint night which just happened to fall on the same day as my birthday, July 17th.  I thought, how serendipitous!  I love to paint!  And I really loved the painting that was going to be done that night.  

I was going to register for it before we left, but I hesitated.  I was worried about committing to something only to discover we were having fun somewhere else and have the boys be disappointed about leaving.

PEI Preserve Company Gardens

When we got to the campgrounds, and decided to actually commit to going to the paint night, I had to go online to book.  No internet.  Ugh! 


The office said we could use one of the two computers they had set up for public use.  I looked where they had pointed to see a huge “OUT OF ORDER” sign on one.  Not a good omen, I thought. I sat down at the one that was supposed to be working.  No internet.  No luck!

Drinking tea at the PEI Preserve Company

The morning of my birthday, my husband and the boys took me out to the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company for a birthday breakfast.  A definite treat!

We had an delicious breakfast of blueberry pancakes, the boys had lemon raspberry tea served in fancy teapots.  I stuck with my usual coffee, which was delicious, by the way!  The grounds were exquisite, the gardens phenomenal.

Not only that, they had free wifi.  Paint night…booked!

Paint night with hubby!

I plan on catching up on my blog reading and posting this week!  Aaand on another note, I’ve started the Atkins diet so my clothes will fit me again after all that ice cream.  Wish me luck!

Have you taken a vacation this summer?  What’s your favourite thing to do?