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Daily Walk


Daily Walk
Daily Walk

Dog Party

Do you remember that Dr Seuss book Go Dog Go?  

I loved reading that to my kids when they were younger and they loved it too.

When we were at the dog park today, I couldn’t help thinking of that book.

It’s a Dog Party!  A Big Dog Party!

Go Dog Go
From the book Go Dog Go by P.D. Eastman


Across the field and down the path, we checked on the waterlilies. Just about ready to flower.



Irises in my garden
Shade Garden


I’m finally starting to see some colour in my garden!

I love these irises.

Not much colour in the garden below but lots of rich greens.  There are three different types of Hosta, Jacob’s Tears and Yew.

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Daily Walk
Daily Walk
Daily Walk

I love seeing blog posts that are a little more personal, that shows a little peek into the life of the person behind the blog. 

Photos of flowers, plants, sunset, animals, or people they Burger and Synderlove.

I’ve been taking photos every time I go walking, but I get sidetracked and I don’t always post them.  That’s going to change.  Starting today, I will post them daily.

Want to join in on the fun?  Go ahead and leave your link in the comments below.  I will come visit!  You, in turn can visit and discover other blogs and enjoy their photos, as well. 

FernsYou can participate daily or weekly or randomly when you have some photos that you want to share.

I hope you join the Daily Walk!

Blueberries, Ducklings and Waterlilies: Daily Walk June 19

Dog Swimming

The day is starting out warm, with a soft, rustling breeze.  A perfect morning for the dog park.   There’s not a soul around.  Just Burger and myself.  Perfect for walking and thinking.  I have a smile on my face.

Dog Park
Love this dog park!

As we make our way through the woods, we find tons of blueberry bushes covered with flowers.  They should be ready to pick by late July or early August.

They are wild blueberries, smaller than the large highbush style you would find in a grocery store.  They are small but delicious!

Blueberry flowers
Blueberry bushes

This is the best picture I could get of this little family of ducks.  A mother with nine ducklings. So cute!

Mother duck and her ducklings

Last but not least, the waterlilies are starting to blossom!  So pretty.  I love the reflections of the sky and the trees on the water.  I think I should do a painting of this!


I’ve visited a lot of bookish sites and I do enjoy reading the posts.  There are tons of amazing book review sites and writer sites.

Sometimes, I’ve noticed that there is a lot of the same thing, repeats of the same books from blog to blog, maybe slightly different reviews.

What I find refreshing is when I see a glimpse into the life of the writer/reviewer!  I love seeing their pets, or their garden, or the new kitchen they’ve renovated!

Especially if its from another part of the world that is wonderfully foreign. What might seem to be ‘same old, same old’ for one person is totally exotic and exciting for another!

So, I was thinking…(dangerous for me, really!) but I’d love to start a meme!  I’ll post my Daily Walk early, and anybody who wished to can link to it.  From there, I will visit all the sites who leave their link.

No commitment to post everyday.  La La in the Library wants to do a weekly post, for example.

What do you think?  Is this something you would be interested in participating in?  If so, how often?  Daily?  Weekly?  Randomly?

Sunshine, Dogs and Lilacs: Daily Walk June 15, 2017

It’s so peaceful and quiet as we walk the woodsy trail on the edge of the dog park.  The sun shone through the leaves and hit the water with a sparkle of reflections.

I took this with my iphone.  Not perfect photography but you still get the idea of how pretty it is in here.

Light sparkling on the water.

Burger found a fried to play with.

Dog park
Burger and Synder racing around and playing puppy games

I took this after we came home from our walk.  These lilacs bushes are in my garden and they smell divine!


Daily Walk June 7, 2017

What a beautiful morning!  Spring is definitely here 🙂  Here’s some pics from our walk this morning. Burger had a great time running and tearing through the park.

Here is Burger trying to get me to hurry up! He wants to get to the other side of the park!





With the warmer weather comes the blossoms.  This apple tree had such pretty blooms, I wanted to share.


Dandelions are finishing up and turning to wishes.

There is just a little peek into our morning.  I’m off to get some gardening in. I hope you have an amazing day!

What did you do today?

Daily Walk

Aren’t the flowers above gorgeous!  I had to take a picture and share them here. This weekend we had family drop in for a visit and they brought them.  So nice.

It was beautiful and sunny on Saturday so I snapped this pic.  It been a bit cloudy and dreary so they’re a great pick me up 🙂

Here’s some pics from our walk today:

Burger barrelling down the path toward me!







My handsome son found Gandalf’s staff.  This was actually taken yesterday, the weather isn’t much better, though!






This springy ferns looked so bright and cheery, I thought I’d share them as well!


Daily Walk June 2, 2017

It was another gorgeous day for walking today.  Burger loved it as much, if not more than I did.  He decided to have a little swim.  I think he really wanted to chase after the little ducks that were on the shore but thankfully, he wasn’t quick enough.

There are tons of blueberry flowers!  There will be great picking here in late July, early August.

It is a dog park, however, so you might want to keep that in mind!

I can’t wait to see this apple tree when it is full bloom!  The flowers aren’t even open yet and already they are so pretty!

Daily Walk June 1


It was a gorgeous morning for walking, but Burger and I just got home in time for the rain to start!  There is thundershowers in the forecast, so we shall see what comes later!

Can you see the ducks?





Pretty Violets!


Here’s a few pictures from my garden that I thought I’d share.

The violets are often one of the first bursts of colour that I see, other than the crocuses, of course!

My one and only tulip! It’s so pretty though, I love the way the light was hitting it this morning. It still had some raindrops from last night on it’s petals.







The Chives are coming up nicely, just about ready to bloom 🙂













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