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Daily Walk: Ice Crystals

Today was cold, damp and overcast. I did not want to go for a walk. Burger dragged me out, and I’m so glad he did. Once again, we headed to the trails. In the woods, we were protected from the windchill which was down to -16oC (3.2oF). Once you get walking, it’s quite lovely and comfortably warm.

Burger found this frozen pool with the prettiest ice crystals on the surface! It looked like snow that had settled on the top, but not quite.

They were even present on the brook. The water was still running, but with thin sheets of ice on the surface.

Closeup of the ice particles. Looks like Jack Frost was here. I love how that little branch sits on top of the ice, completely crystalized.

Crystalized branches on the side of the brook.

What’s the weather like where you live?

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Jo-Ann and Burger <3


Daily Walk: A Little Snowshoeing Anyone?

We got another nice dump of fresh snow this week! I was quite content to stay in and enjoy my nice warm house but Burger had other ideas. I wasn’t up to braving the dog park with its wide open fields. There was too much wind, (or so I thought) so I figured the trails on the other side of town would be perfect.

Here, there are lots of trees, and it’s protected from the wind. But, I thought the trails might be a bit hard to navigate with all the snow. About 15-25 cms had fallen, and walking in snow that deep gets hard on the legs! So, I threw on my snowshoes and off we went into the woods!

The sky was such a gorgeous, intense blue! It was a beautiful day and surprising mild. I don’t think I needed to worry about the windchill after all, but it was nice to be on the trails!

The trails wind around this pretty brook. I love the way the snow is so heavy on the trees.


Here’s my happy pup!

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Jo-Ann and Burger

Daily Walk: Icy Reflections

Most of these photos were taken on Friday. It was such a gorgeous day, the temperature went up to 12oC, the snow was melting and the ice had the gorgeous, shiny and reflective glow to it! 

We crossed the brook, still quite frozen, but ice water was burbling on top and  just beneath the surface.  It was very calming and peaceful. Only the day before, this brook was a solid block of ice but now a fragile crust covers it.

See how slick the ice surface is? I love how the sun pops through the trees here. The reflections are beautiful!

The sun is a brighter here on the other side. So pretty!

Check out the difference between Friday and Monday! I took the picture below from the almost the same spot beside the same tree. It was pretty grey this morning but the reflections are still there. The snow is all gone, the pond is still frozen.



I hope you enjoyed the photos from our walk. Thanks for stopping by!

Jo-Ann and Burger

Daily Walk: Fresh Snow!

When I looked outside this morning and saw freshly fallen snow, I was a bit worried. I hoped it wouldn’t be too cold for a walk and I really hoped there was no wind to add to the windchill. As it turned out, it was a gorgeous morning. Only -3oC and no wind.

There were no dogs around, but Burger didn’t seem to mind. He kept after me to make snowballs and throw them! He’d chase them down and ‘eat’ them. It was hilarious watching him to to find the snowball when he didn’t see where it landed!

The sky was a bit overcast, but the view over the hill was still a pretty one.

I’m linking this post up with the First Friday Photo bloghop hosted by Eden Mabee. Please drop by her blog and have a look around and leave your link in the linky if you wish to participate! The actual posts go live on the first Friday of each month.  In the case of this session, the posting day will be Feb 2.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in.  This isn’t a contest…  just a way to share a bit of love to the art of pictures.

Hoped you enjoyed our walk! Thanks for stopping by.

Jo-Ann and Burger

Daily Walk


Daily Walk http://inspirationpie.com
Daily Walk


Double Rainbow

It was late yesterday when Burger and I finally made it out for our daily walk, but it was totally worth it when we got to see this double rainbow!

Burger did some late evening swimming.


Late evening swim


There was some rain sprinkles, but it was warm and beautiful!  





We got out for a morning walk this morning.  The blueberries will be ready in a few weeks.

They still have a ways to go before they fill out and ripen.

Found this cute duckling swimming quietly beside us.

I loved the reflections in the little pond.






Later on in the day, my mom and I went strawberry picking!  The U-pick has been open for several weeks, today is the last day of picking.

The haul 🙂
Strawberries in the field








 I hope you enjoyed the photos of our daily walk!  Do you like to take photos on your walks?   Post your your links in the comments so I can visit you!

Daily Walk July 14, 2017 and Mystery Plants!

Daily Walk http://inspirationpie.com
Daily Walk


Burger and I went on a different route today!  We usually reserve this area for when its raining.  And, even though it wasn’t raining today, I felt like I needed a more intense walk than I get at the dog park.  So, off we go!

The trails here are beautiful, and follow a pretty stream for pretty much the entire 3km trail.


Trees form a huge umbrella over the trail for the whole route which is why its so great when there is rain.  It’s more protected than the open field at the dog park.

The only disadvantage here is that Burger has to be on leash the entire time.



He’d much rather run and tear and just be a goofy puppy!






Not sure what kind of fungus this is!  Looks like a monster with really bad oral hygiene.  I’ve never seen anything like this before, have you?

I’ve tried doing a little bit of research to identify these little berries, but I came up empty handed.  They look like raspberries, but the plants are so tiny and low to the ground, the leaves don’t look like raspberry leaves either.

These are wild blueberries that are due to ripen around the end of July or early August.  If you’d like to see them when they were flowers, you can see that post here.

This beauty was on the screen of my gazebo when I got home! I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure it’s a One-Eyed Sphinx.

I love seeing photos and glimpses into the lives of other blogs, and these are a few that I’ve come across and I thought I’d share for others to enjoy as well

My Window Miriam shares photos and a poem during her morning retreat.

Invisible No More Not a walk, but gorgeous photos of step by step apple pie.

Growing Self Roda’s photos: Nature’s collage.

Daily Walk July 6, 2017 and SORRY!!

Daily Walk http://inspirationpie.com
Daily Walk http://inspirationpie.com
Daily Walk

So, not long after I posted this Daily Walk on Friday, and notified the lovely blogs below that I featured their photos, I realized there was something very wrong with my blog.

If you had tried to visit you would have seen the title of the post and the featured image.  Nothing else.  No other posts, no sidebar, no comments. SORRY IF YOU CAME BY AND THERE WAS NOTHING HERE TO SEE!

It took me Friday night and most of Saturday, but it was apparently one of those Plug-in conflicts.  Right out of the blue, too.  I had take this post down as part of my troubleshooting. I hadn’t added anything new or changed anything here on the blog, but I finally figured it out with help from my host server!

To all those blogs that I posted links to below, sorry for tagging you and leaving you hanging!  

So without further ado, here’s the post that was supposed to be here on Friday!

Forget Me Nots by the stream
Forget Me Nots by the stream

These pretty Forget Me Nots by the stream caught my eye today.  


We have to cross over the stream to get to the trail in the woods.  There hasn’t been much rain lately, so it’s been no problem getting across today, but sometimes it can be deep and treacherous.  I’ve only fallen in once, so far.

If I hesitate jumping across at all, Burger goes crazy, jumping and barking.  I think he’s trying to teach me how to do it! LOL It’s easy for him, he just walks right through the water!

Multiflora Rose
Multiflora Rose


This one is for Nel at Reactionary Tales.  Nel was kind enough to inform me that these pretty flowers are an invasive weed.  They are growing in my garden and now I know I have to get rid of them!

These pink ones are growing like crazy on the back trails and I thought I’d share them.


Who doesn’t love waterlilies?

I love this little patch of waterlilies!  They had flowers but the were broken off before they had a chance to bloom.  Not sure what happened there!  

I wish I could capture in a photo the way the sun dazzles off the water.  It’s so pretty and peaceful here!




I love seeing photos that other wonderful bloggers share! I welcome anyone who has photos of their own to put their links here so I can check them out.  

I’d thought it would be nice to share some wonderful blog photos that I’ve come across!

Courageous Living Journey  Photos of the hidden backyard of Croatia.  These photos are absolutely stunning and definitely worth having a look at!

Diary of a Bookfiend Look at Noriko’s gorgeous hydrangea photos!

Moohnshine’s Corner Patty’s walk while visiting family in Ohio…Beautiful!

Safira’s Journey Have a look at Safira’s bright, happy, colourful photos from her graduation.

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This Is My Truth Now Jay’s gorgeous terrace garden, with beautiful flowers and Cypress trees.  Love it!

Daily Walk Lilies and Poppies June 28, 2017

Daily Walk http://inspirationpie.com
Daily Walk

It was a rainy day today when Burger and I set out on our daily walk.  My son is done in school for the year so I dragged him out, too.  Notice I say, dragged!

Since it was raining, we went on a different walk today.  Its a trail in the woods, and not as wide open, as the dog park.  There’s  lots of trees to umbrella the rain for us.  It was pretty in the woods but I felt strangely uninspired to take pictures.

That being said, I thought I’d share some pictures from a sunnier day!  I’m excited that my garden is blooming nicely.  

I thought I lost my lilies for the longest time.  The were being eaten by red beetles!  I picked them off every time I would see them and they are finally starting to come back!  Lots of blooms to open on this one 🙂

PoppyI’ve been trying for years to grow poppies and every year, something would happen to the plant and it would just die!

I love these gorgeous red blooms!  They didn’t fare out too well in the rain today but I took lots of pictures yesterday.  I can’t wait to do a painting of these beauties 🙂

I’m going to get caught up on a few things today and get some writing in.  

What are you up to today?  Let me know in the comments below.

Sunday Post June 25


Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog and showcase books and things we have received. Share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.

This Week on the Blog

Tags and Awards

This week on Inspiration Pie, I was honoured to receive the Sunshine Blogger award and the Versatile Blogger award.  and the Soul Ripping Romance Tag.  Feel free to click on the links and check out some other fun and amazing blogs!

I know tags and awards aren’t everybody’s thing but I do find them fun to do and I enjoy interacting with and meeting other bloggers out there!

 Book Beginnings and Friday 56

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I chose Harry Potter and the Cursed Child for this Friday Meme.  You can check out that post here.  and read the first lines of the book and an excerpt from page 56.

Daily Walk

Daily Walk http://inspirationpie.com
Daily Walk

I’ve been walking everyday, and taking pictures everyday!  I share them here:

June 19, June 20, June 21,

 June 22, June 23, June 24

The  Daily Walk is a little peek into my daily life, something different to get a glimpse in to the life of the person behind the blog.

I’d like to invite anybody who takes photos to put your link in the comment of my Daily Walk, that way we can visit other blogs and have a glimpse into their life, too!

Feel free to use my button!

What I’m Reading Now

 I’ve picked up a new ARC by Hal Archer.  His newest book in the Jake Mudd series to be released June 27th called Forced Vengeance.

Here’s the Goodreads blurb:


Jake’s days of operating under the radar are over. Old enemies are now intent on making his living as much a struggle for survival as for credits.

To secure a new black market license, he travels the backwaters of the galaxy to a sprawling cesspool in space, a city of dead ends and lost hopes.

Staying alive becomes a full-time job, and Jake is blindsided when he’s framed for murders he didn’t commit.

Proving his innocence and surviving become one and the same as he is forced into trial by combat against some of the worst criminals the galaxy has to offer.

But he’s facing more than the fight for his life, when he learns his enemies are targeting Sarah. Time is running out for Jake to save himself, clear his name, and reunite with his beloved ship before she’s taken for good.

He didn’t want to play dirty, but they left him no choice.

Off the Blog

Thank you to all the new followers here on my blog!  Welcome and I hope you enjoy my posts. I follow back and look forward to your posts as well!

My youngest son received Gold honours at his awards ceremony this week!  I’m so proud of him!


I’ve signed up for Camp Nano!  I’ve done Nanowrimo in November for the past three years but this is the first time committing to writing in July.

Camp NaNoWriMo is a virtual writer’s retreat, designed for maximum flexibility and creativity. We have Camp sessions in both April and July, and we welcome word-count goals between 30 and 1,000,000. In addition, writers can tackle any project they’d like, including new novel drafts, revision, poetry, scripts, and short stories.

So, my plan is to revise a novel that I’ve finished the first draft.  I’m committing to 30 hours.  Thats an hour a day, should be doable!  Hopefully I will get a lot more than that accomplished!

Do you enjoy writing?  Will you be participating in Camp Nano this July?  It’s not too late to sign up!

Thanks for dropping by 🙂


The Ducks were safe! Daily Walk June 24

baby ducks


baby ducks


After the craziness of seeing a man let his dogs chase these poor ducks around, I was relieved to see that the mom and her babies were all accounted for and seemed no worse for wear.

Aren’t they adorable?



Rhododendron blooms in the garden

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are and thank you for stopping by on the Daily Walk.

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