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ROW80 Week 3 Sunday


I could say it was a terrible week for reaching my goals, but no matter which way you look at it, I still made progress on my novel, (which is awesome). I did a little bit of painting and though I did miss out on yoga, I did get some snowshoeing in. So there’s that. It’s exercise, right? And there is always next week.

Novel Writing:  

I am almost finished the next chapter in my story. I really thought it was going to be finished on Monday, Tuesday at the latest….sadly that didn’t happen.

Tuesday ended up being a complete write-off. School was cancelled because of the weather. I work much better when there are no distractions around. Trust me, everything is a distraction, but it’s worse when my boys are home. It’s not them…it’s me lol.

My mood was off, too. And that didn’t help. Headaches, depression and all over body pain made want to just curl up and have a nap.


My reference photo


I got one afternoon of painting in instead of the three afternoons that I had planned.

The picture to the left is the reference photo that I was working from.

Below is my work in progress and I’m realizing now how bad the perspective is on that pool of water! Ooops! I do like the colours, though so there’s that.

Work in Progress


Yoga didn’t happen this week. I seem to be able to make the Tuesday class. It’s at a perfect time for me to be able to make it without running around like a crazy lady to get there. 

Tuesday, I felt miserable. Headache, all over body aches and depression. I had an angel on one shoulder telling me to stay home and relax. The angel on the other shoulder said, “Go! You will feel so much better if you do!”

I agreed with the stay home angel, but I later found out that the class was cancelled due to weather. So, I didn’t feel toooo bad about not going. The weather wasn’t great the rest of the week either, the roads were terrible for travelling on. 

I got extra exercise by shovelling the driveway twice this week. Yep, my muscles were feeling that!

I also got a bit of snowshoeing in! I posted some pics from that here. It was a gorgeous day for it, but boy oh boy were my legs burning! I only did about 2 km, a fairly short jaunt but it was enough for me. 

Last week, I mentioned doing some blog posts that relate to the novel I’m writing since it is interlaced with legends and historical stories that link and weave the characters together. I have a post ready to go for Monday, so I hope you’ll stop by and check it out.  It’s the story behind three of the characters, Art, Delvcaem and Becuma and is based on the Irish fairy tale Becuma of the White Skin by James Stephens. 

How about you? Did you reach your goals?

Have a wonderful week and thanks so much for stopping by!


ROW80 Week 2



I’m a little late getting my Sunday report done. I had a busy Saturday, and these ROW80 reports have a way of sneaking up on you!

Novel Writing:  My writing group meeting was Wednesday night, so I thought I’d work on my short story that day instead of novel writing. We are working on putting together an anthology with a humorous theme. I got a reasonable first draft down that I was happy enough to share with the group. They laughed at the appropriate parts, so I’m taking that’s a good sign. I did a bit more editing on Friday but I’m still working out a few kinks.

Thursday I finished a chapter in my novel for a total of 750 words. I had hoped to edit a chapter a week. It took me two weeks to edit this chapter. So, I’m a bit slower than I expected but that’s okay. I’m still making progress and that’s a good thing.


Painting: I had planned on painting three afternoons a week. This week I painted one afternoon. That was on Monday, so you might already have seen this painting when I posted on Wednesday.

Nothing more done the rest of the week, hopefully next week I will get more painting time in!




YogaYoga: I had hoped to get to yoga class at least three times per week.Unfortunately, I only made it once this week. Between writer’s group and dinner with a friend (it was her birthday!) that was the best I could do. We shall see what this week brings!



I’m hoping next week will be more productive. Hopefully, I’ll have another chapter in my novel edited, plus I have a couple of reviews coming up on some books that were written locally and I’m excited to share them with you.

I was also thinking of doing some posts that relate to the novel that I’m writing. My novel is interlaced with legends and historical stories that link and weave the characters together. It’s a blend of modern realism with historical fantasy. If you enjoy time travel, evil queens, faeries and steampunk magic, then you might enjoy this.

Have a wonderful week!


ROW80 Week 2


Monday wasn’t a too bad day for writing. I normally do my writing in the morning, but it didn’t quite happen that way.

Instead, Monday was a day for having lunch with the girls. It was so nice to get caught up with friends after the holidays! And they were writer friends, my inspiration! So that totally justifies it, right?

It was later in the evening when I got 460 words edited. I was happy with that, though I seemed to have added an incredible amount more story to the memory being recalled by the main character. I might be off on a tangent but I will go with it for now and cut it later if I have to.

Tuesday, I’ve edited 544 words and still going strong on the memory…only it’s way better. I think. We’ll see!

Painting:  I found a pack of small canvasses in my studio, around 5 x 5 inches. What to paint, though? I don’t normally work on landscapes, but I thought I’d do a painting from a picture that I took on my daily walk. If you’d like to see the original photo, it’s here, second one down.

Winter Reflections

I’m not really happy with the way the reflected trees on the right hand side look. They’re more like sticks than trees. Aaaand I might have overworked it a bit but overall I was reasonably happy with it. I might try to do something about the trees. I’m getting comments from family that the painting looks upside  down. Hmmmm….


Yoga: Oh, I so did not want to go to yoga tonight. I was tired. It was busy, my son wanted to visit my mother. It was so tempting to skip it. But, I did not! I went to yoga and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m so glad I went! Yay!


So that’s my update for this week! Did you have goals? 

Thanks so much for stopping by,





Okay, this is my first ROW80 post! And so far, I am on track with my goals for the New Year. Yay! I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Novel: I’ve been working steadily on editing the next chapter in my novel, and I’m on target to finish today. I’ll let you know on Sunday how it goes.

Short Stories: Thursday and Friday will be short story writing days so that update is to follow.

Painting: I didn’t paint on Monday as planned, but it was New Years Day, and I spent the day taking down Christmas decorations. By the time I made a reasonable dent in packing everything back up, I was too tired to do anything else. Wednesday afternoon will be another day to paint. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures for you on Sunday!

Yoga! I joined the Y, and went to my first yoga class on Tuesday evening.  I’m a bit sore, feeling that Warrior II and the Chair pose, but that’s a good thing.


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