All in one printers or multifunctional printers have a number of additional features apart from printing. They double up as scanners, copiers and fax machines. Such printers eliminate the need to have separate machines by fulfilling the function of multiple machines. Businesses and other establishments wanting to cut down on the cost of maintaining various machines often opt for all in one printers. However, there are some questions that you need to ask before you decide to purchase all in one printer.

#1 What are my requirements?

An important question that you need to consider before you purchase an all in one printer is that whether you are really in need of a multifunctional printer or not. Since such a printer comes equipped with additional features such as copying, scanning and fax, you need to assess how frequently you are in need of the additional features. If you frequently need to copy, scan and fax documents through the course of a workday, then investing in a multifunctional printer is fine. But if you are not in need of the additional features frequently, then a conventional printer is the best choice.

Companies often downgrade the quality of printing and scanning to incorporate the additional features in order to make the prices of multifunctional printers more competitive. Thus, you need to ensure that the quality of the major functions of the printer as per your requirements are not compromised. Go for multifunctional printers only when all the additional features are very essential for your work.

#2 Should I buy Inkjet or Laser printer?

The cost of operating the multifunctional printer needs to be taken into consideration when selecting between an inkjet and laser printer. Inkjet multifunctional printers are less in price as compared to laser printers. But the total cost of ownership of inkjet printers is more in the long run. This is because the life of ink cartridges of inkjet printers is much less than the cartridges used in laser printers which necessitates more frequent replacement of cartridges as opposed to laser printers. Thus, ink cost adds to the total cost of ownership of an inkjet multifunction printer. Inkjet printers are suitable for a plethora of media while the print quality of laser printers is better. Make a decision between inkjet and laser printer based upon your individual requirements and the cost of upkeep. An inkjet all in one printer can be bought for $60 while all in one laser printer can cost around $300.

#3 What is its scanning feature and ability to multitask?

If you are going for an all in one printer, scanning multiple documents daily is obviously one of your main requirements. Always look for best all in one printers with automatic document feeders so that you don’t have to feed one document at a time and can automatically load multiple pages instantly. Multifunctional printers which scan documents at less than 600 x 1200 dots per inch should be avoided.

It is also better to ensure that the all in one printer can perform any function simultaneously with other functions. No point of having an all in one printer if it cannot multitask despite having additional features.

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