One of the things that offer ultimate bliss is the homemade Lasagna pasta. You can make it anytime with the right ingredients. But sometimes we can make some mistakes when making the Lasagna that can ruin the whole dish. It is not that difficult to make Lasagna. You have to take care of some of the points while preparing the dish to avoid common mistakes. Here are some of the matters you need to consider when making the Lasagna.

  • Overcooked noodles

Sometimes when preparing the noodles to be added in the Lasagna, you can overcook it. So four to five minutes is the cooking time needed to prepare the noodles. After that you can add the noodles in the Lasagna to cook properly again. So be mindful of the time calculation and do according to this. This will enable all the ingredients in the dish to cook to perfection.

  • Do not let the noodles become heavy.

Do not dump the noodles in the colander after cooking it to drain it. This can make it heavy and unseemly. Lay the noodle flatly on the oiled baking plate. This will take additional time but will make the Lasagna more likely.

  • Forgetting to add the béchamel sauce

Your Lasagna will require a béchamel sauce. It will also need a marinara tomato sauce. The only thing that can be used if there is no béchamel sauce is to make meat ragu with lots of cream and milk. Only the cream-based sauces will keep the dish moist and compensate for the acidity of the tomato.

  • Begin the layers with noodles

There are many layers in the Lasagna. Take care to add the noodles in the first layer. It will keep the dish moist and well layered. The noodles will also not stock with the pan after baking.

  • Utilizing the wrong cheese

Many people do not advise using ricotta cheese with the Lasagna. This will make the dish dry and cracked. They like to keep the Lasagna saucy. Many chefs add the parmesan cheese for a salty and nutty flavor. You also have to pair it up with a good sauce. You can lessen the chances of the dish drying by adding egg, herbs, pepper, and salt.

  • Do not be sparing with the layers.

If the layers are less than three, then it is not called the Lasagna. You need not go crazy with the layers, but there must be more than three layers in the Lasagna.

  • Not covering when baking.

If you leave the Lasagna on the oven without any cover, then it may become dry. You can use a foil topped tray at the baking time. If the Lasagna is half baked, you can remove the cover to make the upper layer brown. You also have to look at the casserole because it can burn quickly.

You can use these points to avoid common mistakes when making Lasagna. Make an incredible Lasagna dish and treat yourselves and others.

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