Like the other industries, the piping industry also depends on the different types of products and other things that affect the efficiency, and reliability of the outcome. And although there are several such things that play a vital role in the piping industry, the most basic and important one is the different types of valves used in the industry to ensure the proper working and efficient outcome.

valves in piping

Here, we will be talking about the major types of valves that play an important role in the industry and are used for getting the best result with least manpower. Go through the list and know more about the piping industry.

Gate valves

Gate valves are one of the most important and widely used types of valves in many industries. These valves offer complete flow control of the material and are used for the main supply line of the material that supplies the raw material to the different parts of the plant in the desired amount. The gate valves can either be closed or be fully opened. There is no feature of regulating the flow. That’s the reason why the gate valves are included in the main channel. Also, as they are needed to be frequently operated, they are more prone to damages.

Globe valves

Unlike the gate valve, the globe valves are used to regulate the flow of the material to the plant. You can easily use it instead of the gate valves where you need to control the optimal flow of the material to get the best results and where the quantity of the material is extremely important. Talking about the durability, the globe valves are equally durable to the gate valves and you may need frequent maintenance to keep working in the top condition.

Butterfly valves

Like the globe valves, the butterfly valves also regulate the flow of material in the plant. However, the difference between the two is the controllability of the valves. The butterfly valves offer lesser control to the flow and are recommended to the industries where the material is fluid rather than the gas. Also, the butterfly valves are lighter in weight and are relatively easier t operate than the globe valves.

Needle valves

Needle valves can be treated as the smaller version of the globe valves and offer fine control of the flow of the material. They are fragile and can only be used for extremely lightweight tasks. These valves are required where the flow control is barely needed and there is not enough space for installing the globe valves.

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