Portable speakers are one of our desired accessories nowadays. The most popular audio creators are just concentrating on putting together a well accomplished portable Bluetooth speakers that are priced at numerous price points.

Keeping all of these in mind, we will have a look at five things to consider before purchasing a portable Bluetooth speaker. The perfect way to check a speaker is always to go to a physical store and then listen to how your opted speaker sounds. Some individuals prefer a uniform balance of audio, while some like bass-heavy audio, and all of this becomes crystal clear once you check it out yourself.

  1. Wireless Range and multi-speaker setup

The majority of the best speakers display daisy-chaining features and can also remain connected to a device source, which is 30 feet away, even via furniture and walls. Speakers such as UE Boom, UE Boom 2, and various others display multi-unit pairing (daisy-chaining), which may also allow stereo playback.

  1. Battery life and power bank capabilities

No one wishes for a portable Bluetooth speaker that runs out of charge too quickly, therefore select a Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2, which provides more than 12 hours of playback and can also charge other devices. A ten-hour back up battery is a must-have for any Bluetooth speaker. In the event when you go outdoors frequently, extensive battery stamina is important, and Altec Lansing Lifejacket 2 can go for days of playback.

  1. Durability and Waterproofing

Speakers have generally been faultless instruments; however among the new array of speakers that activity-oriented, one can now go for speakers that will not be broken in some accidental falls.

  1. Opt for speakers with separate bass drivers/radiators

Normally, good quality speakers make use of an individual bass radiator, which allocates for better delivery of bass. Likewise, it keeps more space for the main driver to deliver crisp, comprehensive mids along with balanced highs, and the passive radiator drives dominant, clear lows. Check with the company regarding how the speaker which you’ve opted delivers audio.

  1. Portability, distortion, and loudness

Once you purchase a portable Bluetooth speaker, make sure that it is portable. Speakers such as Bang & Olufsen’s Beolit 15, JBL Xtreme sound fantastic, nevertheless they are quite too large as well as heavy to be regarded as portable.

Loudness is important, and one can check with the company regarding how loud it is. Also, make sure that you check its frequency range as well, and the majority of good speakers must deliver frequencies between 100Hz and 20,000Hz.

Apart from all of this, we highly recommend you to go to a store nearby and observe the performance of the speaker at optimum loudness. Generally, even best speakers deliver small amounts of distortion at their highest volume, and the best way to select your speaker is to listen to many speakers and then observe which among them delivers the finest audio. Speakers such as Bose SoundLink III, B&O Beoplay A1, and UE Boom 2 provide the cleanest audio around and are very well-covered when it comes to the range of speakers on offer.

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