Gas stove is a traditional method of cooking food. It uses LPG, natural gas, propane or butane as the fuel source. In the recent times, a new kind of cooking stove known as induction stove has emerged in the market. Induction stove uses electricity as the fuel source for cooking. Some of the advantages that gas stoves have over induction stoves have been mentioned here. These points should be kept in mind when deciding between gas stove and induction stove.

Fuel supply

Gas stove does not rely on electricity for its working. If the gas cylinder is not empty or the gas supply through the gas lines is on, the gas stove will work irrespective of the electrical supply. Thus, you can cook even when the power supply is down. In case of induction stove, the cooking process will be disrupted as soon the power goes off. You cannot cook before the power supply is resumed. Reliability of fuel supply is a big advantage of gas stoves over induction stoves.

Visual guide

In case of gas stove, the flame acts as a visual guide. The strength and size of the flame gives a perfect indication of the heat level. The flame can also be adjusted to change the temperature of cooking accurately and the effect is immediate. There is no flame in an induction stove and even though the temperature can be set, it takes a long time for the induction stove to reach the set temperature. This is the reason why professional chefs prefer gas stoves over induction stoves.

Cooking utensil

Any kind of cookware can be used to cook food on a gas stove. This is not true in case of induction stove. To cook on an induction stove, the pot, pan or any other cookware must be made of magnetic material. Such cookwares are expensive as compared to conventional cookwares. Induction stove cannot heat a regular cookware.

Heat wastage

The gas stove cools down immediately after the cooking process is over. The heat disappears instantly as soon as the gas burner is turned off. Induction stove, on the other hand, distributes heat around it and does not cool immediately after it is switched off. Thus, gas stoves don’t waste heat unlike induction stoves.


Induction stoves are very expensive and does not suit the budget of many people. Gas stoves are much cheaper as compared to induction stoves and are affordable for everyone.

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