High ceilings are believed to add to the resale value of the home. they are indeed fascinating and add a luxurious feel to space. High ceiling means no one ever feels cramped or cooped and it opens up the room and aesthetically appealing as well. despite the many advantages, there are indeed certain issues you might ignore when you are thinking of buying a house with a high ceiling. The often ignored aspect is that attending to a faulty fan or even changing a lightbulb could be an arduous task in a high ceiling home. however, With innovative tools in the market like light bulb changer, this can be addressed effectively and safely.

Tools needed for replacing high ceiling light bulb

For the project” Changing high ceiling Light Bulb”  it is indeed important to have certain tools handy in order to ensure that the process is done adhering to safety measures. The tools that are required include

  • Rubber gloves to prevent shock (just in case)
  • Bulb grabber and an extension pole that would do the trick only if the bulb is facing downward.
  • A ladder of the height that would be appropriate for you to reach the ceiling.

Steps involved in changing High light bulbs

The steps involved in changing the high light bulbs that are facing downwards using the bulb Grabber includes

  • Fix the attachment meant for holding and removing the bulb to the extension pole firmly.
  • Now very slowly, move the pole with the attachment to the bulb that has to be changed and ensure that the bulb charger you have is holding it.
  • Slightly turn the extension pole in the anti-clockwise direction until you feel that the bulb is fully loose
  • Remove the bulb out gently using the release string that you have in the light bulb changer. Remove the old bulb from the light bulb changer.
  • Now, attach a new bulb to the suction tip of the light changer with the extension pole. Ensure that the part of the bulb that has to fit into the socket is on the top.
  • Now slowly lead the new bulb that is fixed to the bulb changer attachment at the end of the extension pole to the socket of the light in the high roof and place it. Once you are sure that it has been fixed, turn the bulb in the clockwise direction using the bulb changer with the extension pole. This would tighten the bulb to the socket
  • Once you are confident that the bulb is firmly hooked, you can use the release string and release the bulb.

Special bulb grabber for chandelier bulbs

There is indeed a special type of bulb changer with a sticky bulb grabber that can be made to face up or down depending on the type of bulb you are about to change. However, the steps are the same.

You may use a tall ladder to reach the ceiling in case of not so tall ceilings and a ladder and the bulb changer with extension pole when it cannot be reached even using a ladder. Therefore, you can buy a bulb changer when it is necessary to change the light bulb.

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