Holidays seasons demand more from our refrigerators. Extra vegetables and meals that need to be prepared daily will be stored in the fridge. There are also everyday jugs of milk and the carton of eggs. So Cleaning and wiping the refrigerator with a damp cloth must be a part of the daily cleaning routine of housekeeping. Once a year, you should give the fridge full and thorough cleaning. Here is how you can do it.

Preparing the refrigerator for cleaning

Cleaning the refrigerator when it is soggy and when it smells is not an easy task. But you should use certain items to help you make the process easy. You can try cutting down the cleaning process by disposing of all the items that are wasted now and then. This will keep your fridge clean and fresh. Some of the things you need before cleaning the fridge are –

  1. Trash bags
  2. Cleaning solutions that are not scented
  3. Rubber gloves
  4. Sponges, wipes, and towels
  5. Microfiber cloths
  6. The cooler
  • Take off all the food

When is the right time to plan the deep cleaning of your fridge? If you see that there is not enough food to eat in it. If there is less food in the fridge, then it will be easy for you to clean it because you do not need to take everything out to clean it.

  • Tidying up the interior of the fridge

Slide the shelves and the bins in the fridge for deep cleaning it. Tidy the inside of the fridge with the right solution. Take two tablespoons of baking soda and mix it with hot water. The food will absorb the odors, so it is best to use the unscented ones. Use a damp cloth and then dry with the towel. Soak the removable sections in the solution for scrubbing, rinsing, and drying.

  • Dry drip the pan

Take off the base grille. Then you will find the drip fan full of water. If there is water, mop it with the towel and then pull out to wash the pan.

  • Take the dust out of the coils

To keep the unit running well, you have to unplug it and utilize a coil brush. The models that contain the coils on the top must be cleaned by vacuum once a year. The same suits the units in the homes with pets.

  • Tidying up the exterior

Wipe the doors with the cloth and put mild soap and water in it. The areas around the handles must be given the right attention. It is because the handles are often used by hands and smudged with fingerprints. For the use of stainless steel, exteriors utilize the commercial stainless steel spray and clean in the direction of the grain.

Think about the fridge cleaning ideas given here to keep your fridge spotless. Fridge cleaning will be an easy process if you follow the points given here. Keep it smelling fresh and always look organized.

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