Mixer grinder is an essential gadget in the kitchen mainly because it reduces the time taken to prepare dishes. Gone are the days when ingredients needed to be grinded and mixed manually using mortar and pestle, thanks to the advent of mixer grinders. Some of the benefits which underline the importance of mixer grinder in a kitchen are as follows.

Suitable for all kinds of ingredients

Mixer grinders can be used to grind hard items such as spices, nuts, vegetables meat, etc. and whip liquids such as milk, ice cream, etc. They can also be used to prepare fresh fruit juices. Mixer grinders are also commonly used to prepare ginger and garlic pastes which are widely used in preparing food stuffs. Mixer grinders can also be used to grind regular sugar to fine sugar for baking cakes and other dishes. Thus, mixer grinder is a versatile kitchen appliance which is suitable for preparing a plethora of dishes. Food items can also be mashed, diced or sliced in a mixer grinders.

Easy to use

Mixer grinders come with a number of blades suited for different kinds of processes. Likewise, mixer grinders also come with usually 2-4 containers of various sizes which are suited for various processes. Thus, you have many process options before you which can be easily accomplished by the grinder without any extra effort on your part.

Multiple sizes

Mixer grinders are available in a plethora of sizes in the market. This means that the customers have no dearth of options. The correct size of the grinder depends upon the number of people for whom you are cooking food. Small mixer grinders are suitable for people living alone or small families. For large families, bigger mixer grinders are suitable.


Grinding and mixing using mortar and pestle involves the use of nails and fingers which may not be clean. In case of mixer grinder, you simply need to put the ingredients and switch on the machine. There is no involvement of nails and fingers.


Whether you want to prepare shake, chutney, ginger garlic paste, juice, puree or grind any ingredient, the mixer grinder completes the job within seconds. This is a far cry from the manual process which consumes a lot of time and energy.


Mixer grinders are available in a wide price range and are suitable for people with different budgets, you can check price here The price depends upon the brand, features, material and other factors. It is always better to purchase branded mixer grinders with warranties and guaranties.

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