If you are a meat person, then grinding meat with all the favorite ingredients is a routine. However, if you are planning to purchase a meat grinder, one of the main confusion is to choose between a manual and an electric meat grinder. There are both pros and cons of these grinders, so it is up to the buyer to choose one that is suitable for their use. If you are in a dilemma about what to choose, then this article will ease up your tension.

So let’s see some of the facts about the manual as well as the electric, meat grinder.

What is a manual meat grinder?

The manual meat grinder works with human force and not by electricity. There is a manual crank through which the grinder is operated to mince the meat. These manual grinders are available from small to a large range of size.

The features of manual meat grinder

  • Ease of cleaning

As there is no electricity, you can easily soak the entire meat grinder in foam or water. All the parts can be nicely cleaned for healthy use.

  • The simple design

The simple designs of manual meat grinders help in easy assembling of parts.

  • Compact size

If your kitchen space is less, the manual meat grinder is perfect. They are compact, easy to move, and can fit easily in any space.

  • Easy storage

As there is no cord attached, these manual grinders can be picked up and can be easily moved.

  • Easy repairs

The parts used are simple, so if there is any inconvenience, it can be fixed easily in the local hardware store.

Pros of Manual meat grinders

  • High durability
  • Available in affordable prices
  • No electricity costs

Cons of manual meat grinders

  • Unstable manual power
  • More manual force and tiring
  • Fewer safety features

What are electric meat grinders?

An electric meat grinder contains a motor that grinds the meat with the help of electric power. The performance level of it is excellent. They come with various blade variations.

Features of electric meat grinder

  • Excellent grinding capacity

Large quantities of meat can be nicely ground in the electric meat grinder. They work fast and efficiently to grind raw meat and bones.

  • Complex design

Apart from the basic blades, this grinder is advanced in technology involving electric parts. This ensures good quality grinding by the machine.

  • Powerful base

Due to the heavy base, they may not be easily movable, but the performance of the machine is powerful. They also don’t move when grinding large meat.

  • Versatility

If you grind different kinds of meat, then this electric grinder is perfect for you. There are different attachments available to slice the meat like sausage, chunks, or finely minced meat.

Pros of electric meat grinder

  • powerful and effective grinding
  • added safety features
  • easy mechanism

Cons of electric meat grinder

  • not cost-effective
  • highly dependent on electricity
  • additional costs involved

The above information about both meat grinders will help you choose the one that is perfect and suitable for your use. So if you want to grind meat occasionally, then the manual meat grinders are useful. For daily meat grinding the electric grinder is the best choice.

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