In the current world, everyone is looking for convenient and simple cooking that saves time and is not very daunting. This helps in family time together and time for other activities as well. Women, particularly, are so exhausted with their daily kitchen work. With a microwave oven, things have been quicker and easier for them. This has made cooking simpler and enjoyable as well for women and their families.

A microwave oven is built so that it can do several things such as grilling, baking, cooking, toasting, roasting, and so many more very simple things. As with any other appliance in the kitchen or home, a microwave oven also comes with its pros and cons.

Working of a microwave

The operation blends IR-infrared radiation and Radio waves in a microwave. The microwaves generated heats the food appropriately and evenly at a precise temperature. These microwaves are absorbed by fats, water as well as sugar, which are converted into atomic motion as heat.

Let’s look into its advantages and disadvantages.

Microwave Oven advantages

  • The primary advantage of the microwave oven is saving time.
  • Its use is simple and convenient.
  • One can cook food easily, maintaining the water and the nutrient content within the food that is microwaved.
  • It heats food at the touch of a button by setting a particular time suitable for that food, and this results in no burning of food if set up properly.
  • It is an automatic appliance with easy usage and occupying less space.
  • It aids in defrosting frozen food items in very less time.
  • The food is not overcooked, and the food is vitamin sustained after being microwaved.
  • Less consumption of oil while cooking, resulting in a diet of low-fat.
  • Baking food in a microwave is less messy.

Microwave Oven Disadvantages

  • This appliance cannot be utilized for making chapati or roti or for any deep frying.
  • It is considered hazardous to health as the study reveals that food that is microwaved is cancerous. It diminishes the immune system and results in an unusual alteration in human blood.
  • While cooking, standing facing the microwave can be harmful as it emits radiation that can be harmful to your health. Plastic employed while cooking in the microwave is harmful since it emits Bisphenol that is dangerous. It is not good to microwave baby food.
  • The flavor and taste of food change even though nutrients are retained when the microwave is used to heat food as compared to stove cooking.
  • Microwave dehydrates the food resulting in minimizing water content within the food. This results in the drying of food quicker. Also, at times the food can be unevenly cooked in this.

Bottom line

Most of the households, hotels, and cafes today make use of a microwave oven for quick heating and cooking. However, it could be hazardous to health when overused or consistently used. Taking certain precautions such as heating in ceramic or glass can minimize the effect on food and thereby health when using a microwave oven. But, it is convenient and time-efficient as a kitchen appliance.

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