If you want all the boys to become crazy in your beauty, you become the center of their discussion, then you have to create a Lascivious beauty. The perfect diet and healthy food habit may give you a healthy body, mind and bright skin. But to make your skin glazy and attractive, you have to go for epilation. Epilation is the process of removing hair from your skin, especially from the root.

Why epilation is better than threading or laser hair removal:

Under this process, a significant portion of hair is plucked at a time without harming your skin. Waxing, laser hair removal, threading are the form of epilation, but epilation actually means the use of an epilator, an electrical device to remove hair from your skin. As in epilation, hair roots are plugged from the skin, no further hair growth is found in the future. For your recommendation always use a high  quality epilator from a trusted brand.

There are also some other points for choosing epilation. They are-

  • Epilation provides smoothness in your skin up to one month. As hair is plugged from the root, they take time to re-grow.
  • When hair starts growing, it becomes finer than before.
  • Epilation works better on short hair and you can remove hair without feeling pain.
  • It is a gentle process of removing hair.
  • For sensitive skin, epilation is very effective.
  • Epilation is the best suitable for women by offering them long-lasting hair-free skin.

Which epilation is better-wet or dry: You can remove your hair from your skin using dry epilation or wet. Both have a certain level of advantages or disadvantages.

  • Dry epilation: It is the most efficient method than the wet one. Apart from weighing the hair on the skin and pushing them against the skin, the epilator can easily pick up the hair and allow you to finish full in a very short time. However, it may be a problem if your epilator is cordless and it has a limited running time.When drying epilating, you should epilate before or after the shower.
  • Wet epilation: It is more convenient and less painful than the first one. You should epilate before and after the shower. Make sure to use too much hot water (it does not purify your skin) and dry it thoroughly on your skin before using it.

Is there any adverse effect on epilation: Though epilation helps to remove hair, it has some adverse effects on the skin—

  • If the growth of your hair thick, this process may be painful to you.
  • If the hair is too short epilator does not work well.
  • It is hard to reach the epilator thereby it is really difficult to epilate hair of that particular portion.
  • If the growth of your hair is too fine, epilation is not the most recommended process as it does not facilitate the removal of hair effectively.
  • Some areas like underarms may cause harm when epilating hair.

You may wipe away a few tears if you are first time user. You should remember that epilation is not a too hard process if you remember certain things like you should keep your skin taut, keep epilator at a certain degree with your body, use lower setting as it will save your skin, etc.

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