Water is the most important natural resources for the survival of all living things on earth. Every year due to several reasons our water bodies are being lost and contaminated threatening our survival. Hence it is vital for our survival to preserve and save water.

Drinking unsafe water can lead to several health issues. It has been recommended by doctors from ages to drink purified water. Water purifying can be done in various ways such as boiling and filtering. A water filter pitcher is one such kitchen utensil that helps in filtering drinking water. Water filter pitchers are a safe and convenient way to drink contamination-free water at home.

Important Features of a water purifier

  1. Easy to use: most water filter pitchers are designed for simple usage. Most parts of water filter pitcher can be removed, which means easy access to clean and maintain
  2. Size: water filter pitchers are small in size, easy to carry and move around. The good news is that there are water filter pitchers made of material, which is environment-friendly and BPA free. Hence, water filter pitchers can be recycled.
  3. Filtration: Fluoride is the serious contamination that we face with drinking water. Hence, the filtration of the water pitcher is designed to fluoride for water making it safe for drinking.
  4. Budget: at the end of the day, most of us base our decision in buying things on a budget. Water filter pitchers are available in different price range, decide on the type of pitcher you want to buy and invest in the best available pitcher for a healthier life.

Pros and cons of using water filter pitcher


  1. The first advantage of using a filter pitcher is the price. This is one of the effective and popular ways of filtering water at an affordable price. They range between 20 to 60 dollars, no additional cost for maintenance expect to change the filter periodically.
  2. The next advantage of water filter pitcher is that they are capable of removing some of the most harmful contaminants from water. Contamination includes chlorine, Fluoride, zinc, magnesium, hydrogen sulfide, etc. It is important to prevent these contaminations from entering the body to protect ourselves for all kind of diseases.
  3. A water pitcher filter is very easy to use, no training is necessary. The best part being this pitcher is safe and easy to fit inside a refrigerator. So this means the water you drink will not only be safe but cold as well.


  1. The capacity of a water filter pitcher is less in comparison to other filters. Hence they are not suitable for filtering a large amount of water.
  2. Also, water filter pitchers require more time to filter out the impurities and contamination present in the water.
  3. Finally, the primary cost of a water filter pitcher is less, but you effective filtration the filter has to be changed at least once every two months.

Takeaway: every technological innovation will have its advantages and disadvantages. But as a consumer, we must filter through them and buy products that are suitable for our needs. If you need a portable water purifier or if you are looking for a budget filter then water filter pitcher is your best bet.

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